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Development. Movement. Compassion.

Gymnastics: A Treasure Trove of Perks for Your Little Ones

Experience the enchantment of wiggles and giggles at Head Over Heels Gymnastics, dedicated to nurturing the growth of little ones! Tailored for children aged 3 to 5 years, our preschool program seamlessly integrates enjoyable learning, social connections, and enhanced coordination.

New Adventurers

3 - 4 Year Olds

*Age as of September 1st

Is your little one ready to shine independently in the gym? Our New Adventurers Gymnastics Class is specially designed for 3-year-old girls and boys, offering them an exciting opportunity to explore the world of gymnastics in a fun and supportive environment. Our program focuses on early concepts, motor development, and fundamental gymnastics skills. Explore the gym, engage in themed weeks, and foster imagination with musical warm-ups.

Mini Discoverers

4 - 5 Year Olds

*Age as of September 1st

Embark on the final step of our preschool program with Mini Discoverers! Designed for pre-k boys and girls, this class emphasizes school readiness through more complex instruction and socialization. Explore diverse gym areas, enhance motor skills, and master gymnastics fundamentals, all while enjoying musical warm-ups, themed weeks, and creative activities.

🌟 Preschool Gymnastics Classes 🌟

Program Highlights:

Independence: It's time for your child to spread their wings and participate in the gym without a parent. Our New Discoverers and Mini Adventurers classes encourages independence and self-expression.

Early Childhood Concepts: Join us as we guide your children through early childhood concepts like staying with the group, taking turns, and following directions. These skills lay the foundation for a positive learning experience.

Motor Development: Watch your child's motor skills flourish on this exciting adventure! Our classes are designed to promote healthy motor development, enhancing physical capabilities in a playful and engaging manner.

Fundamentals of Gymnastics: From somersaults to balance beams, our little gymnasts are introduced to the fundamentals of gymnastics in a safe and supportive setting. We believe in building a strong foundation for their gymnastics journey.

Exploration of the Gym: Every class is a thrilling adventure! Children get to explore various areas of the gym, such as trampolines, bars, balance beam and more, keeping the experience dynamic and captivating.

Creative Adventure: We make learning an adventure! Coaches incorporate musical warm-ups, themed weeks, visual props, and end-of-class stamps to spark every explorer's imagination and joy.

Join us for a gymnastics adventure filled with laughter, growth, and endless possibilities.







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