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Unleash Your Potential: Competitive Gymnastics at HOH!

Elevate your gymnastics journey with Head Over Heels' competitive teams, where passion meets excellence.

Competitive Teams

Our competitive gymnastics teams offer an exhilarating journey for athletes seeking to push their boundaries and reach new heights in the sport. Led by experienced coaches who are dedicated to fostering both skill development and personal growth, our teams provide a supportive and challenging environment for gymnasts of all levels.

At Head Over Heels, we believe in nurturing the passion and potential of each gymnast, whether they're just starting their competitive journey or striving for excellence at the highest levels of competition. Our comprehensive training programs focus on building strength, flexibility, technique, and mental toughness, equipping athletes with the tools they need to succeed both on and off the mat.

USAG Program

USAG Men's and Women's Gymnastics programs are renowned for their dedication to excellence and athleticism. Catering to all skill levels, these programs provide a comprehensive training environment where gymnasts can develop their talents and achieve their goals. With expert coaching and a rich tradition of success, USAG Gymnastics programs empower athletes to reach new heights in the sport. Admission to the program is extremely competitive, demanding rigorous training hours in the gym.


Designed by USA Gymnastics, the Xcel program focuses on individualized skill development, allowing gymnasts to progress at their own pace while fostering a love for the sport. With flexible routines and competitive levels, Xcel provides a supportive environment where athletes can build confidence, strength, and camaraderie. For gymnasts that are pursuing competitive goals, participants benefit from expert coaching, balanced training, and the opportunity to reach their full potential in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.


JOGA (Jersey Optional Gymnastics Association) stands at the forefront of gymnastics excellence in New Jersey. Offering a unique blend of competitive opportunities and individualized training, JOGA caters to athletes seeking to excel in a supportive and nurturing environment. It offers girls the opportunity to compete at a highly competitive level in club gymnastics while still participating in activities outside of gymnastics. The JOGA league follows the same rules as high school gymnastics, thus preparing gymnasts to compete in both club and high school gymnastics.

INERTIA Dance Company

Our performance and competition company, INERTIA, is designed for serious dancers who are eager to expand their performing horizons. This elite group offers a unique opportunity for dancers to enhance their skills, gain performance experience, and compete at high levels. Participation in INERTIA is by audition or invitation only, ensuring that our members are dedicated and ready to take their dance journey to the next level. If you have the passion and commitment, we invite you to audition and become a part of our dynamic and talented company.







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